It went from $49 to $79. Buying in bulk helps save money and keeps you from having to run to the grocery store soften. I'm not talking dinged, more like crushed.I am surprised none leaked.I had to wipe PB out of the box to check my other stuff ordered. I felt something was up.Box A I found out after tracking, it didn't leave Monroe Township, NJ like Box B did. !.I will continue on ORDERING !!!! Get delivery service right to your door. Sole Boxed Legit. … I will never use them again!! I've placed 3 orders with Boxed so far & even in a PANDEMIC the shipment came within the 3-5 days! To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Sole Boxed Legit. Women; Men; Specialty; Kids; Sporting Goods. I lost hours because of boxed. Also a thing to take into consideration, is how long the guy has been doing this for now. Did not come close to covering damaged items due to their poor packaging.Pretty much done with We had to throw out the entire case! Two bags of the chocolate chips were busted along with the almond flour.The loose chocolate chips MELTED all over the other items I had in this very large box, with a dusting of Almond Flour from the busted bag. Claim: The grocery chain Costco is offering free grocery boxes to people who fill out surveys on social media. Thrilled. !Do yourself a favor and stay away!! Please provide a valid price range. Secondly, there are many grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Experiences are very mixed. A lot of deals like those are in-store only though, check if they have a store near you Check out what 3,024 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Decided to create an account today because they happened to sell big boxes of a snack I buy for my daughter. They looked like someone had purposely thrown the carton against a brick wall! And when I've had issues, someone has gotten back to me very quickly. If you are buying for a small business, there are much cheaper options. The box looked OK, but when we opened it and removed the cans we were shocked to find that all of the cans were all severely dented! I don't know if they've sold out to some incompetent group of money-grabbing losers, or their own cost-cutting has led them to hire incompetent people. Contact seller. Some people are complaining either on forums or blog comments that is a scam, and as a webmaster of China Wholesale Reviews, I've made careful research on Lightinthebox scam cases trying to find some useful information for our readers. It is important to observe the format of the scheme, as you might see the same type of scam but from a different brand tomorrow. I’ve explained Is Showbox Safe and legal to Use, and I can say it is illegal and unsafe. Most of the Junk-food, boxed meals which are ready-to-eat and refined starches contain over 60% processed ingredients. Sole Boxed Legit. We can see many red flags on this fake Aldi Food Box scam. They all lead you to anywhere from phishing, identity theft, and sometimes even to malware on your device. I have ordered many times from Double Boxed Toys and never had a problem, however, I placed an order with them in May and I am still missing £70 worth of items which I have already paid for. I recently compared their prices with Walmart. Save this seller. ... is this a scam? Shop wholesale products such as groceries, household products, and health supplies. Vijay Patel - July 16, 2019 reply. It spilled all over my apt building and apartment. Purchased items I needed for the weekend for guests. Will never recommend this site to any of my friends/fam. Delivered super promptly. Filter by: Filter by: Miss Jenny Yates 5 reviews. But nothing is packed right, I've received boxes completely destroyed with all of the product inside all over the place open and ruined. I found this online reseller (french website, link removed by Moderator) of Microsoft software, that claims to be a certified Microsoft Partner.. For some reason BOXED just can't get processing and shipping right. How about minus -100*!Originally mailed out Oct 7 in 2 separate boxes, Box B came on Oct 14. 56 followers shoes_etc (1268 shoes_etc's feedback score is 1268) 99.8% shoes_etc has 99.8% Positive Feedback. see all. Everything was loose and as a result my snuggle scent shakes broke open and literally spilled all over everything in the huge box. I've purchased from several times over the past three years. I have occasionally used for some small orders, mostly paper goods and water. 'Legit Lists, Boxed Set of 4' 4.25" x 5.5" 25 lined pages Comes in a clear plastic sleeve Set of 4 // Get Shit Done, Another Fucking List, Do It! Do you agree with’s 4-star rating? Started using since Covid. Many things come in bulk, but it was rather pleasant to have a few extra cans of tomato sauce and an extra box of cereal. Almost as though they've closed up shop + no communication. Category. Thank you for your review and feedback. Yes, Freshly is legit. Scambook is the leading Complaint Resolution Platform for Consumers and Businesses Just one problem after another with every order.Expect excuses. This company isnt as advertised. Come find out Love the Bulk Options, have never had a problem with any of my orders. No big brand CEO would be allowed to make this offer via Facebook. They would NOT even process ONE order! Nothing was cheaper at Boxed. Then I reached out and they send me something about them just being a small company in NJ that now made it??? I find it disgusting that they reduced their toilet paper pack by 6 rolls and raised the price. Thus, use Amazon, Costco, etc for a safe experience.Avoid BOXED. Side Refine Panel. They are a bunch of scammers. DISGUSTING!They offered to credit me for the cake mix. That's not a really good deal when you're buying in bulk and have to throw away half of what you purchased. I contacted customer service and Joanna and Ken were able to resolve my problem. Side Refine Panel. Sole Boxed Legit. They would NOT even process ONE order!!!Seriously?!?! Have used them a lot during Covid-19. Ausroids has also let me down amongst a few others. Light in the Box, found online at, is a company which describes itself as a global online retailer that delivers products directly to their consumers in multiple countries around the world. Amazon and boxed were pretty evenly matched, with amazon having the lower price (by up to a $1) on some brands. The same exact items are cheaper in stores like target and Walmart. This is the last time I'm shopping at boxed. If you order something give yourself at least 20 days lead time.BOXED currently does not honor refunds. On Trustpilot, Daily Goodie box has almost 1,000 reviews and an impressive 4.9-star rating, which is … Ordering groceries from Boxed is so easy and convenient I couldn't believe it. Just tried Boxed for the first time, since we're all sheltering in place. A rare find and I tell everyone I know about them. Boxed Wholesale emphasizes that their membership is completely free – anyone is welcome to come to their website and create an account. Why shop Boxed? But before you play spend some time learning how others win prizes from the different types of machines or you'll find yourself getting very frustrated and quitting.